Experimenting with Sound

“Sound in cinema is of three types: speech,music,and noise (usually called sound effects). Occasionally, a sound may cross categories. And the filmmakers have a freedom to exploit this ambiguities.”(Bordwell/ Thompson)

Eraserhead: a noise film.


Henry Spencer tries to survive his industrial environment, his angry girlfriend, and the unbearable screams of his newly born mutant child.

This film defies the convention logic and storytelling, fuelled by it dark nightmarish atmosphere and grotesque  disturbing visual.


Eraserhead is a film that excels in sound. A frankly disturbing concoction of industrial score and white noise with undercurrents of musical hall and sonorous church organ, it is almost an extra character in the film, and easily it’s most prominent factor.


We are always looking for a meaning when we watch a film. In this case we don’t get this answer at all!


In Eraserhead the amplification of the sound make the world of the film become larger. Particular sound mix emphasis the scenes and make the world of the movie bigger than it is! The film also has a negative view of the world.


Eraserhead is definitely not an easy film to watch, but if you do  beware that it will linger longer in your head!!!

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