Producing & Directing

Adaptation Scene Production (Director of Photography)


This assignment was the second part of our first term for the MDA2900 Producing & Directing module.

I am blessed for being surrounded by a great team who help me with the realization of this Adaptation scene film. Of course, not everything went so smoothly but the most important when things started getting off the rail, we’ve always got together talking through very honest to each other so we could move on with the job! Communication and  Respect to others Are the most important rules to make a great production work well (in my opinion)!!!


In the previous Assignment, the Music Video I’ve  got the Producer role. But on this Adaptation Scene, I was the Director of Photography (DOP).


It was the first time I used a Blackmagic Cinema Camera. Although we had a tutorial with this type of camera, it took me time to understand how it works. But what really help me, was the rehearsal I’ve done one day before the shooting. I went to the location with my Director, and we both staged the scene, choosing the cameras positions and lighting according to the floor plan we’ve designed before hand. We’ve immediately realized that the place was quite small which wouldn’t allow much camera movements and set ups positions. So with the help of our gaffer, we did couples of changes until I had my desired shot. Teamwork is what makes a great job. We must learn to listen to others as it can really make a big difference in the making of the project. A solution for a task can come from anyone, and it can save the day!

This project wasn’t easy to put it up, but in the end, it was a great experience. I wouldn’t say that I am totally satisfied with my DOP work on this project, a lot of more practice is needed to achieve my desired visual stylistic, which I believe I will find my right tune one day.

Adaptation Paperworks DOP

Adaptation Scene: Secondary roles

As part of our Adaptation Scene duties, everyone should have at least two technical roles with others group. These other roles are crucial as it gives us more work practice and let us engaged with others team members. I loved both teams that I was invited to work with! Many thanks and congratulations to both groups!

Adaptation Scene: Sunset Boulevard ( 2nd Assistant Director)


On this adaptation of the of Oscar’s winner musical of the 1950’s, Sunset Boulevard I had a much honor to receive the invite from my friend and Director Caitlyn Ebsworthy to be her 2nd Assistant Director.  That was the first time I worked with Caitlyn on a production set, and I can’t express enough how much professionalism and passion she put on this job! We could see this through the quality of the output from the magnificent location and cast to the commitment of the crew aiming to create a great film!



Despite the tight time schedule due to Actors others commitments and location hire, we managed to shoot the scenes and dubbed the voice-over of the actress singing her part. My job was helping the First AD assisting the director, but also overseeing the cast ensuring everything was ok with Actors, makeup artist, wardrobe, and most important they were on the set at the correct time. It was a great experience to work with Caitlyn and her team! And the result is this beautiful film that you can watch from the link below.


Sunset Boulevard embedded link:

Adaptation Scene: The Ravens Boys (Sound Assistant)


The Ravens Boys is an adaptation of the book by Maggie Stiefvater. The scene adapted is about a teenager being abused by his father and is rescued by his friend Ronan. The scene involved a lot of fight scenes. Therefore, a meticulous rehearsal was vital! Thanks to the excellent organization skills of the producer Sandra Petry, she manages to hire two fighting instructors for the scene. That was paramount because of the risk assessment involved, and also, it was a fascinating workshop as I never worked with a fight instructor before!

Fighting scene.
Fighting Instructors Marie Ditsch and Robert Bingham.
Marie Ditsch and Pako Fajer

The shooting day was very wet and cold, but Sandra warmed us with a delicious cup of soup!!! At this production, I did sound. The sound is not much my field, but I know how important it is as a complement of the visual element. As we filmed in an exterior of the house, I had many sounds interferences such as airplanes, trains and the motorways that were only a few yards from the set location. Many times I had to stop recording because of the interferences.



As expected, this shooting was very challenging and required lots of hard work and commitment from all crew members. I enjoyed very much to work with Sandra and her team and the great attention she gives to everyone on set!


The Ravens Boys embedded link: 


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