MDA2400-One Word Proposal

Title: Ethereal Garden

Screen Shot 2017-03-19 at 15.33.33

For this project at the begging of the course module, our tutor Gyorgy asked us all to write a random word that first came into our mind on a piece of paper and put inside a hat. Then the hat was passed to each of us to pick a paper and the word that was written there, we should develop our One Word film project. The theme was very open and we didn’t have to show the word “literally”, but we should explore the key elements of the film craft such as cinematography, production design, sound, and editing. The film length could be between two to three minutes long.


The word I picked was “Capture. I could have many ways to express this word, using the most modern film equipment from our Loan Store, but I decided to go back in times and film this project in 16mm using a Bolex Camera.


But I had a small problem…Where I could borrow a 16mm Bolex Camera from?! So I starting looking for loan stores that I could rent the camera for a day or so…?! But the few places that have this sort of camera to rent was outside London and was quite expensive to rent it. As I went to look at the Middlesex Loan Store if they have one, but they didn’t, I spoke with David and he said to me that the guys from the Animation department mighty had one Bolex. So he gave me their contacts and I went to talk with them if they could borrow me. Very kindly Harriet, Guy, and Ossie borrow me the camera, but also Guy and Ossie gave me a quick tutorial how to use the camera such as loading the film and the filmmaking process.


A friend of mine, Marcelo is a botanist at Kew Garden. I’ve asked him if he could allow me to take some shots there, and he graciously agreed with that. The shooting day was cloudy and cold, but the light was just enough to capture the shots with an ethereal look. I used a Tamron F=15 150mm lens which was great to capture close-ups details of birds and flowers. Also, I used a Kodak 100ft 250D color negative film stock. I found a company called 24 Frames that sells film stocks and also send to the lab for a reasonable price.

Screen Shot 2017-03-19 at 15.34.13


For this film, I tried to capture the beauty and simplicity of that place which then I edited using FCP adding sound effects and music to create the dreaming atmospheres.

The reason I chose to shoot this project in 16mm was because I wanted to express the word capture in it raw meaning and using film to capture was not only a great learning experience but a great pleasure to use a source that is almost extinct!



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