The meaning of Sound


Sound is perhaps, the most hard subject when studying  filmmaking. But yet,gives a film heart and soul. Sound is a powerful  film technique  for many reasons: it shapes our understanding of image and direct our attention to it.

Klute:a paranoia trilogy.

Klute is a 1971 crime thriller film directed and produced by Alan J Pakula, written by Andy and Dave Lewis, and starring Jane Fonda, Donald Sutherland, Charles Cijoffi and Roy Schneider. It tells the story of a high priced prostitute who assists a detective in solving a missing person’s case. Its an informally instalment trilogy that include  The Parallax View (1974) and All The President’s Men (1976).


A film that recognises the power of sound in developing narrative and creating suspenses.


The film has a blurred feminist message.In this scene Jane Fonda’s character Bree talking with a psychiatry gives us the impression that she is talking straight with us.


The same time she looks as an independent, sophisticate and modern woman, she is in true,insecure and looking for a man who will give her security. Bree is a very complex character, strong and insensitive with her clients, fragile and confused with love.


Fonda after won the best actress  Oscar for Klute, positioned herself as a feminist and anti-war campaigner. She went to live in Vietnam to show solidarity against the USA.


“Klute” is a terrific showcase for its leading lady, but it isn’t much as a thriller…It’s amazing how this movie has not aged!

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